We’re very proud of our team of Personal Trainers, so if you are looking to be pushed a bit harder in your workouts, need to be motivated, or have something more specific you’d like to train towards, then you’re looking in the right place!

As you can see from some of the photos featured on our website, we have fun whilst we work as well as ensuring that you work hard! Some of our trainers specialise in certain areas, so have a read through as we’re sure you’ll find someone suitable for your needs.

Please contact the trainers directly for their prices. Note that prices for Personal Training shown on Prices and Packages page are only for training with ourselves, Scott and Michelle.

Scott Williams
Fitness Figures Studio Owner & Manager / Personal Trainer


  • Personal Trainer
  • YMCA Diet & Nutrition
  • YMCA Core Stability
  • YMCA Advanced Core Stability
  • YMCA Advanced Strength Training
  • YMCA Punch
  • Boxercise Instructor
  • KOBO Instructor
  • Premier Kettle Bell Instructor

    With over 15 years as a Personal Trainer, I have a vast experience in training a wide range of clients of varying ages and abilities, helping them to achieve their targets. I focus on Core Stability and Sports Specific Training and have worked with a number of athletes improving their strength and fitness through a variety of training techniques. I believe that with the right combination of exercise, nutrition, motivation and guidance, anything is possible. As a keen participant in endurance races, I have first hand experience in what it takes to push the boundaries and achieve your goals!

    Tel: 07739 707282
    Email: fitnessfiguresinfo@yahoo.co.uk

  • Michelle Williams
    Fitness Figures Studio Owner & Manager / Personal Trainer


  • BSc Hons Degree Sport & Fitness
  • YMCA Nutrition
  • YMCA Ante/Post Natal Exercise
  • YMCA Core Stability
  • YMCA Strike
  • YMCA Strength & Advanced Strength Training
  • GP Exercise Referral
  • Nutrition & Weight Management

    With 20 years as a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Gym Manager in a number of gyms in the UK and Australia, I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge. From training people with various abilities such as those undergoing rehab or with certain health conditions, to the regular exerciser in need of extra motivation, and the competitive athlete with more specific goals, I commit myself to ensuring my client achieves great results. I pride myself in being adaptable to my clients’ goals and making them feel un-intimidated and comfortable, particularly if they are new to exercise.

    Tel: 07734 039476
    Email: fitnessfiguresinfo@yahoo.co.uk

  • Sam Sands
    Personal Trainer


  • Active IQ Level 2 Fitness Health & Personal Training
  • Active IQ Level 3 Fitness Health Nutrition & Advanced Personal Training
  • Nutritional Advisor
  • Pre/Post Natal (currently booked to start the doing course in March)

  • I am very enthusiastic about all aspects of health & fitness & am very passionate about helping others achieve their goals. I can design a programme perfectly tailored either just for you, for you to train with a partner or in a group. I will make it fun, motivational & enjoyable to fit around your current lifestyle. I am qualified to train using TRX, ViPR, KettleBells also in Weight loss management and Nutrition, you name it, we can achieve it. I am currently studying Pre/Post Natal & as a Mum myself I understand all about it :) I am very normal, down to earth person who likes to stay fit & healthy, so why not let me help give you the push you want to achieve your goals.

    Tel: 07881 585654
    Email: samstanley30@googlemail.com

    Maxine Thomas
    Personal Trainer


  • YMCA-Run
  • YMCA-Circuits
  • YMCA-Boxing
  • YMCA-Core Stability
  • YMCA-Diet & Nutrition
  • Class Instructor

    I am a dedicated experienced Personal Trainer who believes the key to achieving any fitness goals/ weight loss is by Progression Training. Keeping exercises varied and challenging ensures you keep motivated and get results!

    My clients consist of various fitness abilities -from beginners to experienced, across age groups. Each person is an individual; therefore all training programmes introduced are specific to their goals, whether improving fitness, toning or weight loss.

    My motivation is seeing my clients achieve their goals!

    Tel: 07845 820231
    Email: info@maxinethomas.co.uk

  • Claire Spurway
    Personal Trainer


  • back care / posture
  • body / core conditioning
  • boot camp
  • fitness / group fitness
  • massage therapy
  • nutrition / weight mngt.
  • pilates / yoga
  • sports coaching / fitness

    I am the Director of Pure Fitness and a full time athlete and personal trainer with over ten years experience. I am currently working with World-class coaches and training alongside Olympic Gold medallists. Combined with being educated at one of the best-known Universities for sport (Loughborough University) has given me the knowledge and experience to produce Lifestyle Packages for Pure Fitness that consistently produces fantastic results with clients at all levels. HOW? Pure Fitness offers 6 and 12 week packages to achieve any goal. I also offer a 2 week body blitz to give you a kick start or your body a blast!

    Tel: 07939 987906

  • Steve Lombard BSc (hons)
    Sports Scientist / Personal Trainer


  • Degree In Sport Science
  • Biomechanical Analysis
  • Application in Sport Psycology
  • Sport & Exercise Pysiology
  • Sport & Exercise Performance
  • Advanced Sport Coaching

    Having participated in a variety of sports and exercise from an early age, training is a natural and integral part of my life. I have been training for 8 years since graduating from Brunel University with a sport science degree. The degree equipped me with the theoretical tools necessary for providing varied sessions of the highest quality. Combining this with my own practical experience in training to reach goals, whether representing England Youth in basketball, or purely physique based, has allowed me to aid clients to achieve their goals. These may range from body-fat reduction, to body-sculpting, to sport-specific training. I have also trained high-profile clients such as International Beauty Queen, Hayley Mac – who won national and international competitions, winning the ‘bikini round’ in both!

    “Try Personal Training that is enjoyable, motivating and tailor-made to your needs, with sessions that evolve as your body does!”

    Tel: 07763 848527
    Email: lombard82@hotmail.co.uk

  • James Green
    Personal Trainer


  • YMCA gym instructor
  • YMCA weights to music
  • YMCA circuits
  • YMCA nutrition
  • YMCA punch
  • YMCA resistance
  • YMCA balance
  • Keiser spin
  • Tomahawk spin

    WARNING, not for the faint hearted!

    I strongly believe that a combination of consistency mixed with Spartan intensity is the key to success with any fitness goal! I cater for everyone and specialise in 12 week transformation courses. This entails much more of a commitment from you and myself. As well as one on one personal training, and a tailor made fitness regime, I will help give you the knowledge you need to continue to move forward. We will also discuss nutrition, the key elements of fitness, and track your progress throughout the course.

    Whether it’s for a special occasion or just for your own well being, “commit to get fit” and change your life forever.

    Tel: 07590 030272

  • Patrick Gravesande
    Personal Trainer


  • National Amateur Body Building Association Instructor (NABBA)
  • British Amateur Weightlifting Association (BAWLA)
  • YMCA Qualification – Gym instructor and Personal Trainer

    I have over 40 years of experience in the fitness industry working in a number of top London Clubs undertaking a range of roles including manager, Personal Trainer, fitness and conditioning instructor for both professional and amateur sports personalities.

    My speciality is training people in a unique form of circuit training which is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness from beginners to the professional sports person. For many years I held a boxing licence and was part of the Mike Barrett Team, training a number of well known professional Boxers. I also went on to create Boxercise classes well before it became the craze you now see in gyms today.

    I currently provide a Personal Training service working with both individuals and groups/teams of people. I offer a holistic approach to fitness whereby I look at all aspects of a person’s lifestyle including health, diet, physical and structural well-being as well as their mental state of mind.

    Tel: 07976 358787
    Email: pat.sandy@hotmail.co.uk

  • Paul Munday
    Personal Trainer


  • Diploma in Personal Training (Level 3 – Register of Exercise Professionals) – Premier Training International
  • Diploma in Sports Therapy and Massage – Premier Training International
  • Certificate in Progressive Strength Training
  • Certificate in Exercise Referral – The Wright Foundation
  • Certificate in Nutritional Advice
  • Level 1 Hockey Coach
  • Powerwalking Specialist
  • Specialising in Functional, Sports Specific and Core Development Training
  • Golf and Ski Fitness Specialist
  • Circuit Trainer
  • Buggy Fit Instructor
  • Personal Trainer at Bancrofts School Sports Centre

    I offer a modern approach to Personal Training and Nutrition. Food and diet are integral to a successful exercise regimen and I strongly believe that the two are inseparable. Especially, I recognise that each of my clients is unique. I aim to identify a method of training that suits both their goals and lifestyle. I train my clients at the Connaught Club.

    I run regular Powerwalking groups which meet in Epping Forest. This is a great low impact way to burn loads of calories and to tighten up those sagging bums.

    Amongst my present clientele I have two PGA tour professional golfers, a competition yachtsman, rugby players, hockey players, marathon runners, a dancer and those who just want to achieve new levels in their personal fitness.

    Tel: 07890 554613
    Email: paul@warwick-munday.freeserve.co.uk

  • Nicola Allen
    Personal Trainer


  • YMCA Fitness Training Award
  • YMCA Exercise to Music
  • YMCA Nutrition and Weight Management
  • YMCA Fitness and Exercise Councelling
  • YMCA Fitness Training for the Older Adult
  • YMCA Sports Injuries
  • YMCA Stress Management
  • YMCA Walking
  • YMCA Fitness Marketing
  • CHEK INSTITUTE Nutrition & Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • CHEK INSTITUTE Scientific Back Training (studying)

    I have been within the fitness Industry for over 10 years working in and around London, Florida and the Bahamas. I believe movement to be the key element for a long enjoyable pain free life. Life is to be lived and enjoyed! Mimiking everyday movement patterns is what I believe to be the best form of training as you are teaching the body to move and function correctly. I too believe in strengthening the body from the inside out to form a stable strong base to work from. Typically know as the core.

    I am a nutritional and lifestyle coach which I integrate with my clients to develop optimal health and wellbeing. I believe it important for my clients to develop a good understanding of food and to have a good relationship with it.

    My other passion is Group fitness. Between this and my one to one coaching I find good mental and physical balance which I promote and pass on to all my clients.

    Tel: 07956 387195
    Email: nja247@hotmail.com

  • Matthew Digby
    Personal Trainer


  • Diploma in International Advanced Training
  • Sports Conditioner
  • Nutritionalist
  • Core Stability & Strength Trainer
  • Med Ball Instructor
  • Kettle Bell Instructor
  • Spinning Instructor
  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

    I bring a fun, young edge to a modern and old school style of training. I’m fairly new to the industry and i believe my youth and knowledge bring a highly motivational and enjoyable side to my training. I have worked with a number of people Personal Training, Sports Assessing and group classes. My qualifications give me a wide variety of training methods and techniques.

    I like to incorporate a lot of my own training into the sessions i.e. boxing, strength and conditioning, depending on my clients’ needs.

    Training in a professional boxing environment enables me to build strength, stamina and character which I pass on to you – ‘You work with me, and I’ll make it work!’

    Tel: 07588 816274

  • Stuart Green MSc, TPII, CHEK III
    Rehabilitation and Performance Specialist


  • MSc Exercise Science
  • CHEK Practitioner Level III
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation - Prague School of Rehabilitation
  • Be Activated - Muscle Activation - Doug Heel
  • Titliest Performance Institute
  • CHEK Golf Performance Specialist

    Over my 14 year career I have specialised in using exercise for conservative management of back pain and other chronic pain syndromes. I have pursued this by studying with world renowned experts on key orthopaedic structures including the spine, pelvis and thorax. My development has been supplemented by close study with Consultant Neurosurgeons at the London Spine Clinic (Harley Street, London). This close mentoring has enabled me to successfully treat many spinal disorders with a particular interest in spondylolisthesis and SIJ dysfunction. My unique expertise has also been sought by individuals wanting successful rehabilitation after spinal surgery, including miscrodiscectomy, laminectomy as well as lumbar fusions.

    My love for golf led me to study Golf Biomechanics and performance conditioning both at the Titliest Performance Institute and the CHEK Institute. This has led many European Tour Professionals and amateur golfers to seek my help when they want to improve their golf fitness and get quickly back to playing after injury.

    Tel: 07932 007911
    Web: www.functionaltherapy.co.uk

  • Jez Godlonton
    Personal Trainer


  • Personal Trainer REPS
  • Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • TRX Suspension Sports Medicine
  • Personal Life Coaching Certified
  • Acorn Listening for Life Award
  • Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • YMCA Fitness Instructor
  • STA Swimming Teacher
  • Core Stability PowerPlate
  • Sports Coach UK
  • British Triathlon Coach

    Using Personal Experience from rescuing my own body from a self-destructive lifestyle and now with many years competing & qualification within the world of fitness & Personal Training I can help you build a healthy foundation so being fit & healthy is a way of life.

    My fun outgoing personality will put you at ease with an aim to bring out the best in you at a level you can relate to.

    A course of Personal Training Sessions will include: Teaching & Learning new skills, Setting Fitness Goals, devising individually tailored Programs, Support & Guidance, Nutritional advice & making sure you’re Motivated and Encouraged at all times!!

    Tel: 07714 484720
    Email: jez@fat2fit.me.uk

  • Jo Stevens
    Personal Trainer


  • YMCA Gym Instructor Level 2
  • Lifetime Gym Instructor Level 3, Nutrition & Weight Management
  • YMCA Strike
  • YMCA Core Stability
  • ViPR!
  • Power Plate Level 1
  • BTS – Bodypump and RPM

    I have been in the fitness industry since the age of 16; I have worked as a dry side leisure attendant, crèche supervisor, duty manager, studio coordinator, gym instructor and group exercise instructor. I love training myself but the main reason I chose this career is due to the fact I suffered an eating disorder myself. It is important to me to educate people to help them live a happier lifestyle as well so they can enjoy food and exercise. I have a range of different clients that all have different needs so I can adapt, I specialise in strength and conditioning. Your sessions would be fun and challenging as well as rewarding.

    Tel: 07946 168175
    Email: blondiejojo@hotmail.co.uk

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